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Our Services


Looking for a reseller in a particular market? Why not tap into School Grove's distribution network? With organisations in the US, the UK and Ireland, mainland Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and South Africa, we will help you find the right fit.


At School Grove, we understand that business growth requires access to useful and tangible tools and resources. Whether you are looking for distribution and partnership services, or sales support and technical implementation, School Grove is committed to helping you succeed. With School Grove you will get access to all the support you need to achieve sustainable growth.

Value Added Sales & Marketing
Underachieving Product

Do you have a wonderful product but your sales and marketing pipelines are letting you down? School Grove can help review and potentially solve the problem. We help companies optimise their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth. But unlike other companies that will just review your brands and offer advice, we get our hands dirty.


First of all, we build a business model by reviewing the market, your competitors and the business environment. This allows us to independently understand the challenges for your product without bias. Secondly, we will try to gain insights from your customers and your internal organisation to understand your existing approach to sales and marketing. In the third step, we compare our model to your model and then combine the two into a go-forward plan. From there, we work with management to create the required organisational change for roll-out. The best part is that School Grove Technology only requires payment if we are successful.

Grow A Successful Product More Quickly

If you already have success but want to take it to the next level, then why not partner with School Grove? School Grove has the required market expertise and can help through:

  • Researching new geographic or adjacent markets

  • Providing access to strategic partners internationally

  • Providing access to venture capital

  • Product reselling

  • Lead generation services

  • Outsourced implementation & support services

Strategic Partnerships

With 15 years of experience in the EdTech market, School Grove Technology has contacts within EdTech organisations all over the world. Finding the right fit isn’t easy, but the School Grove networking team is in active contact with new companies each and every day. Let us know what your strategy is and we will connect you with potential partners. Whether it's an acquisition target, a product to round out your portfolio, or a vehicle to enter a new market—School Grove Technology can help.

Software Consultancy & Development

Another strength at School Grove is our ability to create powerful custom-built applications for web and mobile. The key to School Grove custom-built applications is ease of use. Software is created with integration to existing products in mind to ensure a smooth workflow for employees, partners and customers. We design and build products using Agile and Lean processes to ensure the very best results, quickest turnaround and the most stable software. This also has the added benefit that all of our software can be quickly scaled, updated and changed over time, to adapt to the changes in your company. We are specialists in web development, mobile app development and business intelligence reporting.

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