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School Grove Technology LLC was created to fill a gap—to enable EdTech companies to cope with the ever increasing demands for growth. With budgets getting tighter and landscapes becoming more competitive, companies need a risk-free way to explore new markets and products. With the guidance of School Grove Technology, partners have the opportunity to achieve growth by exploring strategic partnerships, distribution channels, direct sales, or lead generation opportunities. We are focused on helping organisations in the US, the UK and Ireland, mainland Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and South Africa to take the next step. The support provided by the School Grove Technology team has generated multi-million dollar returns for our partners and their respective products.

School Grove Technology is focused on forming fruitful strategic EdTech partnerships across international boundaries. Companies all over the world with amazing products find it increasingly difficult to branch into new geographic markets. Setting up a sales presence and a local office is often too risky. That's why School Grove Technology is focused on limiting that risk by providing the required mechanisms to test the market in a cost-effective manner.


Growing products differently.

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